Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grateful for our CNA's

Honoring our Certified Nursing Assistants – Deanna, Michal, Gayla, Sharon, Vickey, Sharnan, Robiana, Deborah, Donna, Kay, Wanda, Jamie, Cindy, Thomas, Lois, Lillian, Yessenia, Jared, Teresa, Brandy, Mary, Corina, Nancy, Sara, Dana, Misty, Lori, Arlene, Catherine, Ellen, Shenia, Laura, Marichris, Rebecca, Naicy and Donna.

As we celebrate National Nursing Assistant week here at Circle of Life I want to sincerely thank our CNA team who provide excellent care to our patients and families.  Beyond the physical strength  they possess to lift and maneuver patients, their hearts are filled with compassion and their ears tuned to hear any concerns weighing on our patients.  Without a doubt our CNA’s truly care about those they serve and are always finding ways to go “above and beyond” with each patient and their family.  I am so proud  of Circle of Life's CNA team and grateful for the superior care they consistently provide.

Please join me in thanking our CNA’s and taking the opportunity to tell them how important their work is.

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